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Professional & Profitable Estate Sale Companies Atlanta |Gleatons
Professional & Profitable Estate Sale Companies Atlanta |Gleatons

We are a full-service liquidation & estate sale companies in Atlanta. We will assist you to liquidate an estate professionally, efficiently and profitably. We have extensive consignment and dealer contacts to achieve the most value for the items you need to sell.

Money making Auction Companies Atlanta

An auction can be compared to as waste management process in which items are re-sold to consumers at a low price. People sell unwanted items at auction which otherwise might be thrown away.

Online auction is the easiest way of shopping and selling through auction companies in Atlanta. There are number of products that can be seen over the auction site and that too are just one click away. The product at the auction site is available for long hours confirming that your product may end at a good rate.

Two additional features of being the part of an online auction is that; initially, a buyer can grab the item at a lesser price as compared to the street market where its cost could be too high to buy. Secondly, these sites prove to be exhilarating and stimulating when comes to shopping.

Types of auction processes:


Forward auctions:- In this type, sellers fix the price of the product so that selling price would not fall below this. They do the listings of the product which they want to sell and the bidder with the highest bid owns the item. Auction companies Atlanta comes under this category of auction where you can sell and buy various collectibles like jewelry, antiques, decorative pieces, etc.

Each and every auction company has its own rules and regulation which must be followed if registering with anyone. These rules might include registration fee, payment procedures, cost of delivery, and bidding hours.


Reverse auctions:- It is also called Dutch auctions, where bidder with the lowest bid wins the thing. In this auction, bidding lasts for very few hours. These are money saving schemes and good for electronics supply chains in particular. Hence, this way of auctioning is in demand these days to grow your business via the internet. Here, a particular price is set which gradually start decreasing. Then, bidding starts and people later decide which price is convenient for them.

Are you aware of the 3 formats of online auctions which are well known?

  • Real-time auctions
  • Person to person sale
  • Commercial auctions

There are many auction websites among which Gleaton’s online marketplace is highly esteemed and have a good reputation among buyers and sellers. It also gained popularity as it the most secure system of bidding, protecting the privacy of all the consumers.

So, don’t bother too much and start earning money with Gleaton's; one of the best auction companies Atlanta.

Largest Collectible Auction Companies Atlanta | Gleatons
Largest Collectible Auction Companies Atlanta | Gleatons

Gleaton’s the Marketplace can help you get the most money from fine art to real estate and jewelry. Gleaton’s the marketplace is certified and professional auction companies in Atlanta.

Find Large Collection Auction Companies Atlanta | Gleatons
Find Large Collection Auction Companies Atlanta | Gleatons

Finding auction companies near you. Gleatons the marketplace is the best auction company in Atlanta. View current sales, qualifications and licenses for thousands of estate liquidators and auctioneers.

Find Estate Sale Companies Atlanta | Gleatons the Marketplace
Find Estate Sale Companies Atlanta | Gleatons the Marketplace

Interested in estate sale companies in Atlanta? Gleaton’s the marketplace is the best place for Estate sale. We are a full-service estate sale and Liquidation Company for antiques, coins, firearms, furniture, jewelry, artwork, and more.

Let’s look into the features of auction company Atlanta



Haven’t been through online auction services yet!....Gleaton auction companies Atlanta is the right choice for you.


It is listed in estate Sale Company of Atlanta which deals in bidding of various used items including jewellery, antiques, furniture etc.



 As we all are the parts of this busy world.Hence,such estate sale companies atlanta gives a sigh of relief by making selling(actually re-selling) easier for us.


This is an online marketplace that provides wide range of services with


  • +1000 Customers view your items every day
  • 10 days selling period
  • Dedicated team members pick up your items, take pictures, inventory them, and pay you when they sell


Let me provide a brief note on what this firm originally does.


Multi-faceted selling:What it involves is that your perishable goods can be viewed by horde of people in very few days.More are the viewers that means more are the chances of sale.

Pickup facility:Our team will visit your home to collect your items. They are inventoried and your account is made where you can check for your displayed item.

Online and in-person:We are the only company that gives your items the exposure they need by marketing your items to online buyers and in-store visitors.


Auction and buy-now: Your items are expertly priced at a high buy-now price. They are simultaneously offered on auction to capture both types of

This ensures two things: To get the most for an item and for all items to sell!

Ten Days:On average it only takes ten days to sell your items.


That’s great…….just 10 days and all the unused items can be cleared out from your house.


A cherry on the cake is that you don’t have to pay anything for making your abode spacious instead you are paid for it……Don’t believe it!!!!!But its damn true dude…


Gleatons auction companies Atlanta is lending a helping hand for both sellers and buyers.

Top 10 Estate Sale Companies Atlanta - Gleaton's The Marketplace
Top 10 Estate Sale Companies Atlanta - Gleaton's The Marketplace

An estate sale auction is a great way to sell your property at best price. Are you looking for best and famous estate sale companies in Atlanta, then visit official website of Gleaton's The Marketplace.  We will take care of your home and give you a peace of mind. We have professional and most knowledgable real estate auctioneers.

Top 10 Estate Sale Auction Companies in Atlanta | Gleaton's The Marketplace
Top 10 Estate Sale Auction Companies in Atlanta | Gleaton's The Marketplace

Gleaton's The Marketplace is one of the most experienced Estate sale companies located in the heart of Atlanta. Our Staff members are skillfully conducting your estate sale. If you are interested to change your home. visit our website and start online bidding now to buy your new and favorite home at a very affordable price.


Top 10 Estate Sales Companies in Atlanta | Gleaton's The Marketplace
Top 10 Estate Sales Companies in Atlanta | Gleaton's The Marketplace

Gleaton's The Marketplace is specially focused on making your estate sale a success. We are one of the famous and experienced estate sale companies in Atlanta. Our experience and professional auctioneers are ready to handle every aspect of yours.

Vintage Furniture Is Not Like Your Old Furniture | Know The Reason

We spend time testing furniture, looking for any damage and checking functionality. Furniture made these days is far different from the furniture made in times past. In spite of this, people go for new and affordably priced products. If we go back to 40-50 years ago, even before moving the manufacture outside the United States, furniture makers lessening the price of their products, substituting hardwood exteriors with veneer covered particle board, gluing and stapling joints in order to compete with the low-cost foreign products by one of the famous experienced auction companies Atlanta, US.



The main purpose of explaining the furniture as vintage is to link it to a specific style by the era. Vintage furniture seems to be the old style stuff mom and dad furnished their home with. But at present times, the buyer needs to be alert while purchasing vintage furniture. There are the reasons you should keep in mind while getting your hands on the vintage furniture.


Quality And Durability

The reason behind the old furniture is better as more time, money and care is given to them while making a product that would help in daily use that is not gentle at times. Therefore, it offers quality and long-lasting benefits to the purchaser.



Old furniture is stealing spotlights through the years that is really special. The most special vintage furniture is kind of unique and impossible to reproduce. There is most likely not another like that. Vintage furniture is meant to be own by only one and nobody would have that. These old pieces of furniture are such a treasure.


Story And History Behind Vintage Furniture

Each vintage piece comes with a story, images and origin of the past behind that. If you cannot find any place for vintage furniture or items, we are here to guide you each and everything connected to vintage furniture.


You are just required to visit Gleaton’s Marketplace, one of the best and famous auction companies in Atlanta, the US offers detailed knowledge about vintage bits and pieces. You can start auction here on their official website. You would most likely to find something special for yourself there.

Top 10 Best Certified Auction Companies In Atlanta
Top 10 Best Certified Auction Companies In Atlanta

Gleaton's The Marketplace is one of the leading online auction companies in Atlanta. Your perfect choice is here. Buy and sell your much-loved items. Visit our website and search our upcoming auctions for events on our calendar that suits your schedule.

Auction Companies in Atlanta - Top Best Atlanta GA Auction Services
Auction Companies in Atlanta - Top Best Atlanta GA Auction Services

Buy used and new antique items like jewelry, toys, furniture, paintings and other home decor item from our one of the best and largest auction companies located in Atlanta. We are top and famous full-service auction marketing company.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling at Online Auction in Atlanta

If you have decided to sell and want to avail an amazing return, get up and bring your good conditioned jewelry at Gleaton’s. We are one of the international auction houses that deal exclusively in antique and modern jewelry auction Atlanta. You will receive a premium on your jewelry as well.

The Appraisal Process

The initial and first step in selling your fine jewelry with Gleaton’s The Marketplace is getting in touch with one of our team leaders that will evaluate your jewelry collection. The appraisal is based on the quality of gems, materials and craftsmanship, and the period of the manufacturing process.


Our executives visit major cities in order to meet with the prospective vendors of fine jewelry and precious objects. They also famous Auction House and consignment store in Atlanta.


You Are In Safe Hands

If you are unable to visit our Jewelry auction, Atlanta, you can hit our official website and start auction there. We want to make sure that you are able to sell your fine jewelry in the safest hands possible. We would to come to your place and collect the jewelry or organizing a secure transport for you.


Your Price

Being together, we would agree to the best possible price for selling your jewelry. This reserve amount has been set at a level that protects your interests while making sure the highest profitability of the sale of jewelry.


We Do Marketing Itself

We have a huge team of people who do marketing for Gleaton’s, therefore you don’t need to worry about the marketing process. Besides that, we get in touch with local and international buyers through channels that consist of a website, media advertising, and publicity events.


When You Make a Decision to Sell

We will get you a legal property receipt and consignment agreement. You will also receive a complimentary copy of the catalog featuring your jewelry.

Our live auctions held twice a year in Atlanta, Georgia. Consignment store, Atlanta and auction house, Atlanta is also a branch of Gleaton’s.

Famous Antique Store in Atlanta - Gleaton's The Marketplace
Famous Antique Store in Atlanta - Gleaton's The Marketplace

If you are one of the big antique lovers and try to find out unique and quality antique items then Visit our famous and adorable antique store in Atlanta through our official website and start online bidding. At Gleaton's The Marketplace, We provide detailed descriptions, pictures, and directions to estate sales, tag sales, and auctions happening in Atlanta. 


Online Estate Auctions in Atlanta | Gleaton's The Marketplace

Great Selection of antique furniture of best quality at our online furniture auctions located in Atlanta. We make you available home decor items, antique jewelry, paintings etc in this auction at the same place. our all items specially furniture fits in your style and budget.


Top 10 Best High-End Consignment Store in Atlanta

  • Gleaton's The Marketplace has been Atlanta's first choice for furniture consigning from many years. Our guide to Atlanta's best consignment store. We offer both new and consigned furniture at a very reasonable price. Our store is known for carrying everything from high-end furniture to small antique items and unusual junk.